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SWEA International welcomes donations to support the organization’s missions.

swea-symbol-hela-textenSWEA International, Inc. (SWEA) is a charitable organization [501(C)3].

The purposes of SWEA are specified in the Restated Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of SWEA International:

  • supporting and promoting Swedish history, culture, and tradition in the world
  • furthering worldwide friendship and personal growth among Swedish and Swedish-speaking women
  • supporting education by awarding scholarships
  • assisting members of SWEA as they adjust and integrate into a new country as well as when they move back to Sweden
  • supporting projects that the Board of Directors of SWEA International determine are of Swedish interest and of particular concern to Swedish women.

The IRS and SWEA

SWEA is a non-profit public benefit corporation, or 501(C)3, under IRS regulations. The organization thus enjoys tax exemptions under the special and favorable tax rules applicable under US law. However, this benefit is only available as long as the organization meets the conditions set by the IRS and established in SWEA’s bylaws. In order not to jeopardize our tax exemptions and to realize our aims and purposes, it is important that all donations and grants be made properly and approved by our Board of Directors before they are accepted.

Donation process

Please contact SWEA’s administrative staff (adminchef(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) for instructions.